There's no wrong way for a wiki [[engine]] to implement Creole (see [[goals]]).

== Three suggestions
* [[Mixed Mode]] - allow mixed markup of traditional (regular markup for that particular engine) and Creole (sometimes this method is not possible or desirable)
* [[Edit Creole Mode]] - an extra "Edit Creole" button is added which translates the current wiki markup to Creole while placing the advanced syntax (i.e. syntax not supported by creole, but by the native wiki engine) into a [Placeholder]. This implementation mode is explained in the [[prototype]] page.

* [[Native Creole]] - Good for new software (new wiki engines or other software that need a lightweight markup language)

It can be useful to see implementation scenarios.  Some examples were discussed at WikiSym 06 and can be found on the [prototypes].

see also
* [[Engines]] implementing/planning to implement creole
* [[Wikis supporting creole]] (using creole as their markup)
* [[Text Editors]] supporting creole markup

If you are planning to implement creole in your engine/tool you might find help on the [[troubleshooting]] page about tricky parts of creole.

== Using standard technology ==

Junghans, Riehle, et al. made available a [[EBNF Grammar for Creole 1.0]] as well as XML-based transformations etc. to use standard technology when implementing a parser and a wiki engine, see