There is a [Creole parser plugin|] for the [MoinMoin wiki engine|].

It is fully compliant with the [Creole0.4] draft.

* The expression for urls used is an approximation. In particular, commas, dots, exclamation marks and such are included in the url only when not followed by a space, so that you can write {{{,09,06}}} as a link, but also {{{see those two pages:,}}}. Other special characters are included in the url, but escaped when appropriate.
* {{{#pragmas}}} from the top of page are filtered out before the parser gets to them, so it's possible to have a numbered lists broken this way. This cannot be fixed.
* Pre blocks use hashbang notation for denoting code type (for syntax highlighting).
* The {{{<<placeholder>>}}} syntax is used for macros,
* The {{{{{image}} }}} syntax is used for attachments and external images.
* There is an option for switching between wiki-like and blog-like lines.

I'm also thinking about writing a mixed-mode parser, but this can be pretty weird.