!!Last night's IRC meeting, 2007-Jun-19

We had a very productive IRC chat last night with the following participants: [[Radomir Dopieralski]], Martin J, [[Yves Piguet]], [[Christoph Sauer]], [[Alex Schroeder]] and [[Chuck Smith]].  An archive of our chat can be found at [[19 Jun Meeting]].  We successfully covered the topics of whitespace before horizontal rules and url escaping rules.  As for whitespace, we decided as a general rule that leading whitespace is allowed before Creole elements, for example: headings, list items, horizontal rules and tables.

Now only two issues remain: whether to have [[multiline list items]] and how to [[Escaping Curly Braces In Nowiki|escape the ending triple curly braces within nowiki]].  It is asked that after you explore the issues, to please indicate your position in the [[Creole 1.0 Poll]].

We will have another follow-up [[26 Jun Meeting|meeting]] on Tuesday, 2007-Jun-26, 21:00 GMT, IRC channel #creole on freenode.