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I have been thinking more about escape. I have started leaning towards the "Escape character should be core" idea (in conjunction with "Escape character should escape a single character" and "Escape character should be ~"). I think it fits well with any future expansion of Creole. However, my real concern is what to do with preformatted block content and external links containing escape characters which are not rendered in the final output. For me, escaping whole Creole markup sequences is not a broad enough solution and imposes hidden constraints and limits future expansion. It was an excellent idea, but I don't believe it's the right way to go. Either we have all or we have nothing.

In the meantime, the simple escape mechanism proposed here for preformatted blocks, I believe, is both adequate and safe. If we don't end up with an escape character then this is the best alternative, without a doubt. Having said that, I will endeavour to work through my escape thinking over the next few weeks and input into any escape arguments.

MarkWharton 2007-05-10

We changed the two angle brackets to three angle brackets, to make it easier to write plugin syntax (see GenericExtensionElementProposal, BlockMarkupNotionCriticism). Placeholder syntax is generated by the wiki engine, while plugin syntax has to be written by users. I think this last small change will not influence any implementation since nobody uses placeholders so far, and on the other hand will make it easier to evolve creole additions in a way that is consistent with the goals of fast to type and readable markup.

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-Jun-01 15:54 (CEST)

The escape character should become part of the core Creole 1.0. Adding a simple and generic escaping rule now isn't that big deal. However, adding it later (or make it optional) will cause some headaches I think...

-- OliverHorn 2007-06-05

I agree. With you now we have a majority ;-) Let's add it. Let's replace Creole1.0#section-Creole1.0-EscapingPreformattedNowiki with the more generic escape character rule from Creole Additions. Radomir? Yves?

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-Jun-06 10:19 (CEST)

I still don't like having an escape character. If we must have one, however, I prefer Radomir's mechanics, as explained on Talk.Escape Character Decision.

-- AlexSchroeder

Yes, I still agree with an escape character in Creole Core which escapes the next non-alphanumeric character only, everywhere but in inline nowiki and block preformatted. Wrt Radomir's mechanics, everything is fine, except that I wouldn't convert tilde+newline to forced newline; trailing invisible blanks would have an effect very difficult to track down for most authors. GNU make has this problem, which is a real nuisance imo.

Ideally, what's between angle brackets for plugins and placeholders should be better defined (escape, quotes, etc.), but I'm affraid we won't reach easily a consensus. I'm most probably going to have block plugins similar to block preformatted where nothing is interpreted except for the left-aligned end mark, and inline plugins where the first occurence of right angle brackets marks their end (with "block" and "inline" I mean in the Creole text, not in the parser output); i.e. I'll keep my current implementation, adding basic support for placeholder's triple angle brakcets. So the escape character wouldn't have an effect there either.

-- YvesPiguet, 2007-Jun-06

1) (view wiki source to see the correct markup :-) ) Inconsistency for "Nowiki (Preformatted)". The text says "As a block, the three curly braces should be on one line by itself to open and another line of three curly braces should be on a line by itself to close. In a block, characters are displayed in monospace. For inline nowiki text, wiki implementers can decide whether to display this text regularly or in monospace."

The example says: "Some examples of markup are: ** <i>this</i> ** "

Is it ok for inline nowiki to be formatted like this?

2) Really no definition lists? ;-)

-- MaxVoelkel, 2007-Jun-06

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