I strongly oppose to using the escape character (tilde) for this purpose, as I've just written in [[Creole1.0Poll]].


//This requires that a nowiki block have no leading spaces to start//

Irrelevant, but nice for symmetry.

//and no leading spaces to end.  So, the triple curly braces must start the line.  Therefore, if you want to display triple curly braces within a nowiki block, you would put a space in front of them, since only triple curly braces at the beginning of a line end a nowiki block.//

Yes, this was adopted a long time ago.

//This solution also//

Why "also" ?

//makes it impossible to display closing triple curly braces inline.//

Wrong, it's possible with greedy nowiki, as it was adopted a long time ago too.


//Another method is to display the triple curly braces if a tilde is put in front of them like ~}}}.//

Then you must escape all tildes, which is painful since tildes are quite common in many programming languages. And if
you use the escape character only to escape braces and tildes, it's close to the normal escape character, but not quite;
an overly complicated difference.

//This is the way JSPWiki works and therefore is [[Not New]].//

How does it solve this problem?

- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Jun-21