Could we lose the space inside the double curly brackets for inclusion so the markup is consistent with how we do [[links?]] ...ah, or is this an issue with wikis that have double curly brackets to indicate monospacing?
[MarkGaved] 31-Aug-2006


Not an issue for me...

I think the space is just for clarification, not for syntax.  At least it makes no sense for me to require whitespace anywhere.

-- JanneJalkanen, 31-Aug-2006

I have this idea about using the same markup for inclusion, placeholder and images. Maybe it will inspire some better ideas:
 <<page name|comment>> transclude local page
 <<pattern|comment>>   transclude multiple pages (with * used for globbing maybe)
 <<image name|alt>>    insert an image, for wikis that store images as pages
 <<url|alt>>           insert external image
 <<filename|alt>>      insert an image, for wikis that store images as attachments
 <<@65345|comment>>    placeholder
 [[page name|<<image|alt>>]]  have an image linking somewhere else than itself
Of course not all examples would work in all wikis.
The bad thing about this way of including images is that you don't know (by just looking at the source) if it will appear as image or as a page when transcluding a local page.
-- [RadomirDopieralski], 2006-09-01