[[Placeholder Reasoning]] is somewhat confusing to people coming into the discussion. It may need some elaboration (use cases and examples). I did not understand the concept. Note that only the reasoning pages are referenced from the [[Creole0.5]] summary! 

I added the link to [[Placeholder]] itself. Some background information seems to be in [[Prototype]].


Something strange going on with [[placeholders]]... Edit page shows {{{<​<​>​>}}} but View page shows {{{[{}]}}}.

It looks like something wrong with the engine because even Creole 0.1 spec is showing {{{[{}]}}} for placeholders.

I think it's very confusing to be meaning one thing but saying another. It's not good for a spec. Can this be fixed anytime soon?

[[MarkWharton]] 2007-05-03

This is indeed very strange.  I'll have the Creole plugin maintainer for JSPWiki look into it.  Thanks for heads up!

-- [[ChuckSmith]], 2007-May-03


-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-05-04

Great, thanks!

[[MarkWharton]] 2007-05-05