These are the current (Revisions/Recommendations/Specifications/Versions) on creole, that we publish according to our [Release Policy]. See the [[ChangeLog]] for an overview of differences between the versions. Take a look at [[CheatSheet]] for a quick overview of markup elements.

![[Creole 1.0]] - final (2007-Jul-04), frozen for two years

Changes from [[Creole 0.6]]:
* replaced hyphen back to asterisk for bullet lists
* added interwiki links

Check out the [[Creole 1.0 Test Cases]]

Also, see the [[Creole 1.0 Grammars]].

![[Creole 0.7]] - //rejected//, no consensus (2007-May-02)

Changes from Creole 0.6:
* added interwiki links
* more details about disambiguation of hyphens from signatures
* nowiki monospace left to developer with best practice of making nowiki in-line and block to be monospace

!Creole 0.6 - stable (2007-Apr-24)

* changed asterisk for bullet lists to hyphen (see [[Hyphen List Markup Proposal]])
* removed monospace requirement from in-line nowiki (part of [[Proportional Font Nowiki Proposal]])

!Creole 0.5 - stable (2007-Feb-27)

* [Creole 0.5]
* [RequireSpaceAfterBulletProposal]
* [AlternateLinkSyntaxProposal]
* [AddNoWikiEscapeProposal]
Not to forget:
* [Tables] - with headings

Changes from Creole 0.4:
* space as escape character before ending triple curly braces in nowiki (see [[Add No Wiki Escape Proposal]])
* embedded nowiki/preformatted is allowed in tables
* Changed: "Any markup except for images within a link will not be parsed." -> "At least images inside links must be supported. Parsing other markup within a link is not required (optional)."
* equal sign directly following pipe defines a table header (see [[Talk.Table]])
* relaxed the "no markup allowed" rules

!Creole 0.4 - stable (2007-Jan-31)

* [Creole 0.4]
* [ChangeLinebreakMarkupProposal]

Changes from Creole 0.3:
* requirement to support wiki-style linebreaks {{{ \\ }}}  - (see [ChangeLinebreakMarkupProposal])
* can put line breaks in table cells
* allow for level one headings like this: {{{ = really big heading = }}}

!Creole 0.3 - stable
Final v0.3 spec of Creole (2006-Dec-19)
*[Creole 0.3]

Changes from [Creole 0.2]:
* [Tables|Creole0.3#Tables] - all cells separated by single pipes
* Removed rule: "Links should not be allowed to contain a linebreak."
* Added summary of reasoning for markup elements in comment boxes.

!Creole 0.2 - stable
Final v0.2 spec of Creole (2006-Nov-20)
* [Creole 0.2]

Changes from [Creole 0.1]:
* Images now can have optional ALT text {{{ {{flower.png|alt text}} }}}

!Creole 0.1 - stable
Final v0.1 spec of Creole (2006-Sep-11)

* [Creole 0.1]
* [Creole 0.1 Test Cases]
* [Creole 0.1 Test Cases 2]