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* [[ChristophSauer]]: **strongly** avoids conflicts with bold, since using bold at the beginning of lists is not an edge case; intuitive - first guess of endusers; [[not new]]; choice of the vast majority at [Participants at the WMS Workshop, Wikisym 06|People]; singnature/horzontal rule conflicts are easier to solve then conflicts that are introduced by asterisk since space after bullet is not an option.
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* [[ChristophSauer]]: **strongly**, you obviously don't look at your end users if you seriously state that requiring space after the bullet list character is more user friendly: What do you display if the user forgets the space after the list character, an ERROR MESSAGE? - or leaving the poor [[end user]] figuring out why he got a MESSED UP DISPLAY? You will end up answering e-mails of users asking you what they did wrong, unfortunately you will not be able to automate your responses... Requiring space after markup char is designing creole around technical issues - namely the conflict with asterisk for both bold and lists.
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* [[ChristophSauer]]: **weakly** there should be unified way for parser developers that want to simplify escaping, but it should be optional, since I agree that escaping is hard to understand for endusers. Also it's not Creoles goal to add new markup, that was not there in other engines. Therefore I opt for escape as an addition - a suggestion to solve a certain problem in an more elegant way than using nowiki.
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* [[ChristophSauer]]: **weakly**, save the traditional escape character for scripting, use another one in creole. But since it's an edge case I could live with the confusion \ introduces, but what happens then if you mix creole in your scripting language as HTML shortcut? I haven't thought to much about this yet, but this is my current concern.
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