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This page is reserved for discussion about [implementation] of Creole in Oddmuse.
These are the notes regarding the [Creole Markup Extension|http://www.oddmuse.org/cgi-bin/oddmuse/Creole_Markup_Extension] for [Oddmuse|http://www.oddmuse.org/].
Lists: No nested lists, a single space or tab required after the # sign.
Bold and Italic tags can be nested within each other, and may contain links. {{{**[[link]]**}}} will create a bold link. In the case of nesting errors, Oddmuse will try to close as many tags as possible. {{{**//bold and italic**//foo}}} will therefore print foo in italic, as the second {{{**}}} will close both {{**}} and {{//}}.
Headings: {{{==}}} will create H2 headings. Users therefore cannot create H1 headings on a page. The page title is the only H1. Headings allow nested markup and end at the first newline. Therefore {{{== [[link]]}}} will create a link inside a heading. Trailing equal signs inside a heading will be eaten silently. Therefore {{{== foo ====}}} will create a heading "foo" where as {{{== foo != bar}}} will create a heading "foo != bar".
Preformatted and nowiki: As suggested by Janne, three opening braces at the beginning of a line will open a pre element, whereas three opening braces elsewhere will open a span element. This will usually not be monospaced, unlike pre, code, or tt elements!
In preformatted blocks, any whitespace including a single newline after the opening braces will be eaten. Otherwise, all preformatted blocks will start with a newline (the newline right after the third opening brace.
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