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== 2007-Aug-18
Sorry for coming again with that, I remember having been told there is no solution, but it's the 7th
time in about one week that I must revert [[Michele Tomaiuolo]]. It's been so fast lately I guess someone
is doing it on purpose. It's been done by, which doesn't have a reverse DNS entry.
This wiki seems to have an automated locking mechanism. Couldn't you add a rule to stop changes
with too long subject lines, or which empty pages, especially from unregistered connections, and
especially if it's repetitive? And a way to prevent automated scripts from working, such as images
to decipher or simple arithmetic to do à la C2?
-- [[YvesPiguet]]
Maybe it's time now to activate akismet again. I also will look into other options of the JSPWiki spam filter. Michele, as a quickfix I locked your page, but of course I know that this is no permanent solution.
-- [[ChristophSauer]]
== 2007-Aug-16
Yesterday I couldn't restore two pages successively, because I was blocked for a few hours because of my
suspicious activity. But the Change note of my second attempt was registered while the contents of the
page was left unchanged. The history in
[[http://www.wikicreole.org/PageInfo.jsp?page=MicheleTomaiuolo]] doesn't reflect that.
-- [[YvesPiguet]]
Yes, there's something wrong. I'll look into that immediately.
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-Aug-16 14:10 (CEST)
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