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== 2007-Sep-12
Wikicreole engine seems to give unexpected results. In the [[Sandbox]], copy this:
//Italic text
= H1
===== H5
Some text
"Some text" is rendered in italic. Try also
* to remove the line with the horizontal rule: H1 becomes italic
* then to remove the blank line following H5: the line break disappears
* and then to replace "Italic text" with just "Italic": the double-slash is rendered as normal text, as if it were escaped
Skipping intermediate steps produces different results...
-- [[YvesPiguet]]
What is the Wikicreole engine? Did I miss something?
-- [[RadomirDopieralski]]
By that I mean the engine running www.wikicreole.org. It must be JSPWiki, possibly with experimental features.
Sorry for the confusion.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Sep-16
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