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I've set up a TiddlyWiki that you can use for test cases at http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html
This contains the TiddlyWiki Creole 0.1 formatter and also some mixed mode formatting, see:
# http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html#testCreoleMixedWithMediaWikiFormat
# http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html#testCreoleMixedWithTracFormat
# http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html#testCreoleMixedWithTWikiFormat
This mixed mode formatters are fairly basic at the moment, however they are still useful to illustrate how mixed mode formatting works and also for collision detection. (Click on __view__ to see the wiki format text.)
I will be extending the mixed mode formatters and also adding more, so watch this space.
-- [MartinBudden], 2006-12-28
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