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This is a list of the elements chosen at WikiSym for Wiki Creole Markup. For a more detailed analysis of each markup, please view Elements. To compare a particular syntax with over 60+ wiki engines, you can use the wiki markup comparison tool from WikiMatrix or visit List of Wiki Markup. Also see the reasoning for creole's markup decisions.

Ordered Lists#

Whitespace before pound/hash/octothorpe not allowed.
# number list

More detail: Lists

Unordered Lists#

Whitespace before dash not allowed.
* bullet list

More detail: Lists



More detail: Bold and Italics



More detail: Bold and Italics


= Level 1 (Largest)
== Level 2
=== Level 3
==== Level 4


= Level 1 (Largest) =
== Level 2 ==
=== Level 3 ===
==== Level 4 ====

More detail: Headings

[[my big page]]
[[my big page|Go to my page]]
[[http://www.wikicreole.org|Visit the WikiCreole website]]

More detail: Links


(blank line makes paragraph)
one paragraph

next paragraph

More detail: Paragraphs


Line breaks are indicated by a double backslash \\ (best practice: treat line breaks as line breaks)
one paragraph\\
and a linebreak

More detail: Linebreaks

Nowiki and preformatted in-line or block#

No wiki markup is interpreted between these characters.
text with linesbreaks

{​{​{no wiki markup processing}​}​}

Watch out when copying the above example: Zero width space was used between the braces to circumvent the wiki formatting rules.

More detail: Preformatted And Nowiki


also "Native Markup Block". When there is something advanced like extension code of the native wiki that is not supported in creole, a placeholder will show up, so users will not be confused seeing more than one syntax. (optional for wiki developers)

Conflicts with OLPC image tag.

More detail: Placeholder


{{myimage name}}
[[some link|{{myimage name}}]]
[[http://example.com/|{{myimage name}}]]

More detail: Images

Horizontal Line#


More detail: Horizontal Line

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