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This page compares all markup of Creole with that of the One Laptop Per Child markup.

For a list of punctuation with their English names, see Terms.

Ordered Lists#

Identical. However, in OLPC if a list goes from 1. to n. in sequential order it will be treated the same as if it only had number signs.

Unordered Lists#


* item 1
 ** item 1.1


* item 1
    * item 1.1

Creole accepts only asterisks whereas OLPC accepts both asterisks and hyphens.

Mixed Unordered and Ordered Lists#


* one level deep unordered
*# two levels deep ordered
## also two levels deep ordered


* one level deep unordered
    # two levels deep ordered






The same except we do not force there to be equal signs at the end of the header. (Comment: should we change this behavior? --ChuckSmith)

OLPC has tentatively agreed to change their syntax to match ours. Pending this, identical.


(blank line makes paragraph)

OLPC implements this as Markdown does, which is to create a new paragraph after a blank line (two line breaks).


(consensus: treat line breaks as line breaks) (best practice: line continuations made with backslash at end of line)

I am unsure how OLPC implements this.

(can we at least consider the way markdown does things, which is to use a new paragraph when there are two line breaks, and a hard line break if the line ends with 2 spaces, but otherwise allow hard wrapped markup to produce soft wrapped html? this is much nicer for editors limited to 80 characters per line)

Nowiki and preformatted in-line or block#

Creole: triple curly brackets will preformat and monospace the given text.

OLPC preformatted:

<raw This text is not parsed>

OLPC monospace:

This $$text will appear$$ as monospace.

OLPC is currently considering changing their syntax to match our triple curly braces.

Placeholder / Native Markup Block#

OLPC does not have this element as it is specific to Creole.





<image Stuff.jpg>

An ideal solution would eliminate the word Image from this spec. We need to reach a consensus on images.

Horizontal Line#



OLPC (any of the following work - a subset of what works in Markdown):

- - -
* * *

We need to reach a consensus on horizonal lines.

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