Sign your name under each item with which you agree and write how strongly you feel about this issue, and your reasons.  If you want to see the earlier proposal for this poll, please see [[Creole 0.6 Poll Archive]].

== List markup character (- or *)

=== List markup character should be - ===

* [[ChuckSmith]]: avoids conflicts with bold, was more used before wikis for lists

=== List markup character should be * ===

* your name here


== Space required after character (Y or N)?

=== Space required after character

* your name here

=== Space NOT required after character

* [[ChuckSmith]]: **strongly**, many users do not use a space after the character and this extra requirement would make Creole potentially confusing and non-user-friendly


== Escape character desired (Y or N)?

=== Escape character desired

* [[ChuckSmith]]: **weakly**, this would help considerably in discussions revolving around code issues

=== Escape character NOT desired


== Escape character (~ or \)?

=== Escape character should be ~

* [[ChuckSmith]]: **strongly**, does not conflict with line breaks, and is not likely to be in text already

=== Escape character should be \


== Monospace and nowiki

=== nowiki is monospace in in-line and block

=== nowiki is only monospace in block

* [[ChuckSmith]]: if you want in-line nowiki, you probably do not want monospace, whereas block nowiki typically depicts something that should be displayed in monospace

=== nowiki is never monospace