The Creole 1.0 project has finished successfully. The spec is stable and mature, and there are already many real world implementations out there (see [[Engines]]). 

But some users would like to have more standardized features. There is no Creole 2 yet. To get things started a new wiki was set up to clearly separate concerns of Creole 1.0 with its [[Goals]] from new ideas from new contributors. You can contribute your ideas to this wiki which can be found at [[]]. You can also use this wiki to ask for help on topics with the current creole 1.0 spec.

Our steps going forward:

* [[ChristophSauer]] has changed the current Creole wiki into an "read-only" wiki which is kept as the official page for the current Creole spec and for reference and archive purposes.
* [[Radomir Dopieralski]] has set up a new wiki to help developers with implementation issues and eventually on a 2.0 spec, in case a critical mass of wiki engine implementers or user groups who can influence those engine development can be reached.

Note that the new Creole 2 wiki is indeed a creole enabled wiki which runs on MoinMoin, while this wiki runs on JSPWiki. Thanks to Creole you can use both wikis without caring what engine it is serving.