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I love spam! My day is not complete without spam. One of the best things about C2:SoftSecurity is the opportunity to see lots and lots of spam.

This is quite funny, if you check the links...

And don't forget the fritter.

How come this page never gets locked? ;)

I guess this has already been discussed, but why isn't editing restricted to registered users? Seems that most real contributions are from registered users, except when we forget to login... (sorry to discuss that here, but it'll be one less page to remove if I don't create the Discussion page!) -- YvesPiguet, 07-Feb-09

I guess that it's because this is a wiki and we are want the process of designing the standard as open as possible. There is already a huge barrier to entry, as we could observe recently (catching up with all the discussions that accumulated here).

Besides, if you look closely at these spam edits, you'll notice that they all come from registered users. And different each time. The next solution would be to make users jump through adidtional hoops in order to create an account. Or disable account creation entirely -- which in practice amounts to the same thing.

Once you start putting up fences, there is no end to it until you dig an atomic bunker in your backyard :)

Personally, I don't mean all this spam much -- it's actually very low amount. I just wanted to suggest locking this particular page, as it obviously serves no purpose yet is spammed regularly.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-09

This must be some kind of robot. I just heard in a spam workshop that some allow spam on certain pages - kind of a grafitti wall for the kids. It's better to have spam here than on other pages. Anyway, we will see what hapens. I'll lock it.

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-02-09

Hmm, page doesn't appear to be locked...

-- MarkWharton, 2007-02-14

For an explanation, see Talk.Access Control Lists

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-02-09

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