All elements discussed for Creole. Discussions used vocabulary for characters defined in [[Terms]]. Terms also gives you an overview, which characters are already used in creole, and which are not.

== Summary of All Markup

* [[CheatSheet]] - a quick overview
* [[All Markup]] - lists all markup on one page for easy viewing.

== Basic elements of Creole

Creole Wiki discussion focused on developing a small set of elements rather than a comprehensive vocabulary.

* [[Lists]] - Ordered and unordered lists
* [[Bold And Italics]] - Text emphasis
* [[Headings]] 
* [[Links]] - Internal and external
* [[Paragraphs]]
* [[Line Breaks]] - How to handle linebreaks, forced line breaks...
* [[Preformatted And Nowiki]] - For inserting text with a lot of special characters, like sourcecode
* [[Placeholder]] - Markup for unsupported syntax
* [[Images]] - in-line images and in-line image links
* [[Horizontal Line]] - often used as divider in discussions -> potential conflict with dashes for lists
* [[Tables]] - Simple tables included since [[Creole 0.3]]
* [[Escape]] - Included since [[Creole 1.0]]

== Will Discuss for [[Creole Additions]]
* [[Plugin]] - A generic extension element
* [[Underlined]] - Similar to bold or italic, so we should include it
* [[Strike]] - Same as underlined
* [[Quoting]] - Maybe like in e-mails? [[|Example]]
* [[Superscript]] - A markup usefull for displaying a range of things correctly like dates
* [[Subscript]] - Companion to superscript
* [[Reference]] - An essential ingredient for any wiki
* [[Intra page links]] - {{{}}}
* [[Newlines]] - Proposals on treating newlines
* [[MagicWords]] - Like signatures

== Onward Discussions

Discussions that are related, but not part of common wiki markup today, or are not markup at all. Below is a list of things we don't know yet where to put it. Therefore this is the place where to put standardization elements, that might not be part of the **current** [[Goals]], but might be useful in the future.

* [[Hard space]] - = {{{ }}};
* [[HTML]] - How does creole overlay/replace/adapt HTML
* [[Font]] - Font size and colour/color.
* [[Anti Spam]] - Proposals for avoiding spam (Removeme? This has nothing todo with markup standardisation)
* [[Stricter syntax]] - I would like to propose a tighter requirement on the syntac for inline formatting
* [[Newline Space]] - Creolify list and table spec to remove ambiguity of unnecessary and ambiguous spaces.