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The Creole 1.0 spec doesn't explicitly state how a table should end. This is in keeping with one of Creole's goals - ExtensibleByOmission.

An implementation may allow table cells to extend multiple lines (or not):

| r1c1 | r2c2 |
| r2c1 | this is a long item for r2c2 that may be cumbersome to place on a single line.
Having this be included it the r2c2 (instead of starting a new paragraph) could
be prevented (for example) by explicitly ending the table row with a | 
| r3c1 |r3c2 | 

A table could also include block-level markup in table cells in a fairly strait forward fashion:

| r1c1 | r2c2 |
| r2c1 |* list item one of r2c2
* list item two of r2c2
* list item three of r2c2
| r3c1 |r3c2 | 

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