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Emily is a journalist. She writes articles for the local newspaper. She started with an old and truusty typewriter, then she bought a computer and used ChiWriter, then, several years later, she bought a newer computer and started using Word.

She will sometimes use wikis to research a topic she's working on, and will often correct jarring stylistic errors on Wikipedia. She sometimes also publishes some of her articles on various wikis or forums.

She uses almost no formatting -- her editor yelled at her when she brought him her first article written in ChiWriter, with all the nice fonts and formating. Now she knows how the publishing process looks and she only uses very simple markup. The first line in text is title, paragraphs have the first line indented, emphasised words are underlined.

She often has to report the opinion of people and speaks of local administrators, and sometimes even full interviews. She knows pretty well the importance of indenting quotations properly, to separate them from the rest of her article, and to indicate their source.

If she ever uses any links, she puts them in footnotes. If there is a need for something special, like a photo, special symbol, spacing, etc., she will just put a description in square or curly brackets in the text. The editor will tak care of it.

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