Currently there is a potential conflict using asterisks for both bullet lists and bold.

We have listed many different [[list markup alternatives]], but there are so many there that it is difficult to discuss.  So, I have taken the liberty to narrow it down to the most likely best two choices which we can discuss more easily: asterisk (*) or hyphen (-).

=== Asterisk ===

Space required only after a bullet followed immediately by bold text.

==== Advantages ====

* used by most wiki engines
* if you save a Microsoft Word document as text it uses asterisk as the bullet character
* very rare in prose text

==== Disadvantages ====

* conflict with bold
* difficult to read when list items start with bold text

=== Hyphen ===

This was proposed unanimously at the WikiSym workshop with only [[Christoph Sauer]] and [[Chuck Smith]] opposing it, due to making asterisks backwards-compatible with current wiki syntaxes.  However, they have both agreed that they believe this was a mistake due to the asterisks conflict and want to use hyphen.

==== Advantages ====

* used primarily for lists before wikis
* easier to read when list items start with bold text

==== Disadvantages ====

* not as backwards-compatible with wikis in general
* awkward when used with the repeat-bullets-to-nest-list pattern
* extremely common in prose text - at least when considering wikis that allow hard line breaks within paragraphs.

=== Also see: ===

* [[Hyphen List Markup Proposal]]
* [[Require Space After Bullet Proposal]]