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Creole 0.3 proposed with Tables#

Thank you for all of your help with Creole so far! We have just proposed added tables to Creole 0.3. According to our data at List Of Table Markups we see that most wikis use either single pipes | or double pipes || to separate table cells. So, we decided that it would be best to use a compromise between the two systems which is currently being used by Confluence and JSPWiki.

Header cells are separated by double pipes and ordinary cells by single pipes. The ending pipe(s) are optional. You can embed links, bold, italics, and monospace in table cells. We need a syntax for forced link breaks here.

||Heading Col 1 ||Heading Col 2||
|Cell 1.1       |Cell 1.2      |
|Cell 2.1       |Cell 2.2      |

We look forward to getting your input in the discussion. Discussion will continue until 15 Dec 2006. Please see Creole 0.3 for the official spec proposal.

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