== Creole Workshop at WikiSym in Montreal

At the WikiSym, 15 participants [[http://www.wikisym.org/wikicreoleworkshop.html|gathered together]] to discuss the future of Creole.  There are many initiatives we will be taking in the coming weeks to promote Creole:

* Write a page for [[implementation issues]] for developers
* Making a Creole [[logo]]
* [[Cheat sheet translation]] into other languages
* Look into W3C support
* Getting [[testimonials]] about Creole
* Contacting other lightweight markup developers
* WordPress plugin and support in MediaWiki
* Making WikiCreole.org more accessible to non-developers
* Make companies aware of creole advantages: Requiring WikiCreole avoids vendor lock in

Thanks for all who have attended and for those who will be helping us in getting the word out about Creole!  More more details, see [[Wikisym 2007 Workshop]].