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Creole experiment #

I have contacted the staff that uses http://eduwiki.wmid.amu.edu.pl/ to teach on my university, and there is an opportunity to make an experiment with the wiki syntax.

We can have two groups of about 30 students each (first year of mathematics and first year of computer science) that will be using a wiki for learning -- mainly for communicating with the teachers and doing their home work. This system actually works since about 2 years and the results are pretty good, the students can operate the wiki easily after one introductory lesson.

Now, we can make them use a different wiki and we can skip the introductory lesson, if desired. The teacher can also require specific things if we want to test them. The experiment can take up to two months, starting with the start of new semester (end of February).

Now, how do we prepare TheStudentExperiment?

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