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This works inline or as a block. No wiki markup is interpreted between these characters, even tildes which are used as escape characters elsewhere (see below). As a block, the three curly braces should be on one line by itself to open and another line of three curly braces should be on a line by itself to close, without leading spaces. In a block, characters are displayed in monospace. For inline nowiki text, wiki implementers can decide whether to display this text regularly or in monospace.


//This// does **not** get [[formatted]] 

Recommended XHTML:

//This// does **not** get [[formatted]]

Sample Output:

//This// does **not** get [[formatted]]


Some examples of markup are: {{{** <i>this</i> ** }}}

Recommended XHTML:

Some examples of markup are: <tt>** &lt;i&gt;this&lt;/i&gt; **</tt>

Sample output:

Some examples of markup are: ** <i>this</i> **

WikiMatrix monospace wiki comparison

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