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Care must be taken, when parsing tables, to never treat the pipe characters included in links, images and nowiki spans as cell separators:

| table cell | table cell | table cell |
| {{{pre|cell}}} | ~{{image|cell~}} | ~[cell~|link] |

table cell table cell table cell
{{{table|cell}}} {{table|cell}} [table|cell]

Huh? What is going on with this pre block? Why are the insides of it parsed? %)

You mean the second one? - because the JSPWikiCreoleFilter assumes that it is an image and replaces it with the ImagePlugin of JSPWiki. Since we did not define a general EscapeCharacter yet, it is not possible to tell the current version of the CreoleFilter not to render it... I guess it's a good example of the ambiguity itself :) - please look into the source code to see the plain code example until that is fixed...

--ChristophSauer 27-Feb-2007

I mean the first one. Since when are images allowed in preformatted blocks? :)

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-27

Something is completely screwed up here... yes, work in progress ;).

--ChristophSauer 27-Feb-2007

I am missing how this is an ambiguity. To me it seems like a simple parser error. Could someone please elaborate on this?

--ChuckSmith, 27-Feb-2007

Well, technically none of Creole markup is an ambiguity, because it is defined exactly how it should be treated. So these are not really ambiguities, just some counter-intuitive points.

I just thought this is a similar point -- a potfall for a programmer. Sure, the way that Creole does is intuitive, but the straightforward "naive" implementation would get it wrong. Actually, I got it wrong at first too.

I think it's useful to put a warning here. Feel free to rename it to something else than "ambiguity".

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-27

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