Re the paragraphs paragraph:

"Paragraphs are created by simply typing the text. To separate paragraphs, just leave an empty line between them. Line ends will be preserved inside paragraphs. You can use "\\" to force a line break most everywhere."

I think the sentence "Line ends will be preserved inside paragraphs." is misleading, and I think you really meant to say something like "Line breaks will be preserved inside paragraphs."


In [[CheatSheet/wikicreole1.pdf]], the top-level heading should have a single equal character, not two, to match
Mediawiki. Otherwise, excellent job, Chuck!

-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Aug-6


The German cheat sheet is encoded with UTF-8, but rendered as ISO-Latin-1 in Safari. Same problem
in Firefox, but Opera is fine. Have you specified an explicit charset?

-- [[YvesPiguet]] 2007-Aug-22

Thanks Yves, I added the header attached it to [[CheatSheet]].

-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-Aug-23 17:27 (CEST)