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bocdelvi I think the recommendation should say whether the text description of the URL must be all on one line or not. -- AlexSchroeder

Should creole support recognition of url's without markup as links? Example: if there is http://www.wikicreole.org it would become a link without having to put markup around it. I think it would be useful - intiuitive and less typing.


Moved discussion about address/description order to Talk.AlternateLinkSyntaxProposal.

Hi. Just a short question: Are InterWiki-Links, like [[WikiCreole:Creole1.0]], mandatory for an implementation of the WikiCreole 0.6 specification? Thanks in advance!
-- Martin Junghans

To be honest, they haven't been discussed yet, so basically we don't know. On the other hand, ThereIsNoWrongWayToImplementCreole, so nobody will kill you if you skip them -- at the worst, you get some users complaining that they miss it.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-Apr-28

It's only mandatory if you have an implementation of InterWiki in your wiki. If you don't use InterWiki, you can safely ignore it.

-- ChuckSmith, 2007-Apr-30

I propose the usage of mailto://test@example.com (to be rendered in output as mailto:test@example.com) for email urls, even if this is not standards-friendly. Any opinion about this? Is there a better place where to post this suggestion? Or should we postpone the discussion to the next Creole specification?

-- DanieleC., 2007-Jul-03


-- YvesPiguet, 2007-Jul-03

In WikiOnAStick there is no automatic URL decoration, so external URLs (with protocol) have to be specified using square brackets [[protocol://uniformresourcelocator]]; if we'd parse [[mailto:test@example.com]] as test@example.com, a page titled mailto:something would never get the internal wiki hyperlink. Using the double slashes also on mailto protocol would prevent this. This is our solution to our problem, I still have to understand if it has relevance in WikiCreole.

-- DanieleC., 2007-Jul-05

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