Hello Martin, welcome to the Creole wiki!

We are happy to have you with us, TiddlyWiki is a great and useful piece of software and uses nice markup. 

I'm sure you will help us to make Creole both better and more popular. We are still in the phase of looking for the best solutions in the markup area -- as you can see, it's not perfect yet.

If you start making the plugin now, be prepared for changes in the specification. On the other hand, if you do it now, Creole can be modified based on your experiences, to make it easier both for you and for other developers to implement...

We are looking forward to working with you.

 -- [RadomirDopieralski], 2006-09-10


thanks for the welcome. My plan is implement early and keep up with changes in the spec. I'll publish a TiddlyWiki with the Creole plugin, that way you guys can use it for prototyping and testing if you like.

The Creole TiddlyWiki can also be used to test for collisions: since TiddlyWiki has (alpha releases) of plugins that support other wiki syntax (including MediaWiki, TWiki, SocialText and PBWiki), it will be possible to include (say) both the CreoleFormat plugin and the MediaWikiFormat plugin and see the potential collisions. Of course the outcome of such a collision would not be the same as if the collision actually occured in MediaWiki, but at least the collision can be detected.

-- [MartinBudden], 2006-09-11

Hi Martin,

Thanks so much for your contributions to WikiCreole.  Being able to use it with Tiddlywiki is super cool!  All the test cases I've run locally work great, but I was wondering if you could set up a public Tiddlywiki where I could run test cases and keep them public.  If you could, I would really appreciate it.

-- [ChuckSmith], 2006-12-06


I'm happy to set up a public TiddlyWiki where you can run test cases. I'm a bit busy at the moment, so it will probably take me a week or two to get set up.

-- [MartinBudden], 2006-12-06

I've set up a TiddlyWiki that you can use for test cases at http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html

This contains the TiddlyWiki Creole 0.1 formatter and also some mixed mode formatting, see:

# http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html#testCreoleMixedWithMediaWikiFormat
# http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html#testCreoleMixedWithTracFormat
# http://www.martinswiki.com/creoledemo.html#testCreoleMixedWithTWikiFormat

This mixed mode formatters are fairly basic at the moment, however they are still useful to illustrate how mixed mode formatting works and also for collision detection. (Click on __view__ to see the wiki format text.)

I will be extending the mixed mode formatters and also adding more, so watch this space.

-- [MartinBudden], 2006-12-28