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I'm posting my unit tests for easy reference. Note that the formatting rules of this wiki forced me to insert the ZERO WIDTH JOINER U200D into the closing } } } sequences on this page.

The following is a list alternating input and expected output lines.

# one
# one\n# two
# one\n\n# two
- one
# one\n- two
**//bold italic**//italic
<strong><em>bold italic</em></strong><em>italic</em>
//**bold italic//**bold
<em><strong>bold italic</strong></em><strong>bold</strong>
= foo
= foo
== foo
=== foo
==== foo
===== foo
===== foo
== foo ==
<h2>foo </h2>
== foo\nbar
foo<br />bar
<pre class="real">foo\n</pre>
<span class="nowiki">\nfoo</span>
foo {{{bar}}‍‍}
foo <span class="nowiki">bar</span>
<hr />
<hr />
<hr />
<hr />

Some XPATH tests that test class attributes as well. The exact results are useless to other developers. The cases that Oddmuse is known to handle well, however, is of interest. 

[[http://www.wikicreole.org/|Visit the WikiCreole website]]
//a[@class="url http outside"][@href="http://www.wikicreole.org/"][text()="Visit the WikiCreole website"]
[[http://www.wikicreole.org/|Visit the\nWikiCreole website]]
//a[@class="url http outside"][@href="http://www.wikicreole.org/"][text()="Visit the\nWikiCreole website"]
[[link|Go to my page]]
//a[@class="local"][@href="http://localhost/test.pl/link"][text()="Go to my page"]
[[link|Go to\nmy page]]
//a[@class="local"][@href="http://localhost/test.pl/link"][text()="Go to\nmy page"]
//a[@class="image outside"][@href="http://example.com/"][img[@class="upload"][@src="http://localhost/test.pl/download/pic"][@alt="pic"]]
//a[@class="image outside"][@href="http://example.com/"][img[@class="url outside"][@src="http://example.com/"]]
//a[@class="image outside"][@href="http://example.com/"][img[@class="url outside"][@src="http://mu.org/"]]

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