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If you want to "treat all __...__, **...** and //...// as three different kinds of emphasis, without specifying the exact presentation," then why not support ''this instead, or as well'' since both tikiwiki and mediawiki use it.

According to Talk.BoldAndItalicsReasoning and a few other pages, __alternative title__ is ideal for titles including alternative titles as well. If you don't want to allow the user to mix emphasis, perhaps only the title should have a mixed emphasis? Such as, for instance, both underlining and boldfacing ? Then you can have _just underline_ as well. Or do it with three and two respectively, if you don't like single characters to mean anything.

See if MakeTheMachineWorkHarder expresses your views on this, if not, make clear how you feel about it.


Dear Anon, we really didn't just made up an arbitrary markup from the thin air, and this was discussed in detail. Apart from weird terminology most of your arguments were brought up previously. Please read:

I sympathise with you, because I started out with a similar point of view. But it changed as I did some research on actual use cases and text on the web in general. One important thing to rembeber is that on the Web you write for skimming, see http://www.useit.com/alertbox/9710a.html and http://danbricklin.com/log/boldreactions.htm

I hope this helps. -- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-05

It helps convince me that the people involved have no idea what they're doing. In particular, the use of wikis that actually still support the dangerously useless WikiWord convention, proves that you just aren't qualified to do this job. If you were, you'd certainly not be using Meatball or JSPwiki to debate.

When you revert pages you should move comments to the talk pages yourself. Not to so is abusive, if they raise valid points. There was no reason to revert any of those edits, unless you are looking to evade scrutiny on some bad choices. I think there's nothing more to say if you are going to assert that you've thought through your bad choices.

Your "research on actual use cases and text on the web in general" is nowhere near as extensive as mine, but without getting into foolish credential comparing we can't discuss that.

So this is done. Good luck and goodbye. I will not be advocating use of Creole. -- Anonymous, 2007-02-05

Given what appears to be Anonymous's (same IP) post to MeatballWiki:WikiMarkupStandardIsMisguided last paragraph before my response, I'm wondering why he even bothered posting on here. -- JaredWilliams, 2007-02-05

It was a pleasure to meet a man of such strong opinions such as you, Mr Anonymous. The thing I reverted was not a comment -- it was an edit of a paragraph distorting its meaning. Same with my replies. It really saddens me that you consider this abusive. Creditentials comparing is not only foolish, but also impossible with someone who is afraid to mention his name.

Please feel free to come back any time you feel you're ready to continue your discovery of the wiki. I'm not the only person here, you know, and I don't make all the decissions -- my arguments are not final.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-05

Jared, I'm sure he's pretty frustrated yet determined to have his arguments answered. As these kinds of things are often very dependent on the point of view, people can easily get pretty emontional. Lets judge the arguments, not the form in which they are provided (which, incidentally, is not very easy to understand or pleasant to read). Since he posted as Anonymous, I hope that the feeling of guilty after his outburst won't keep him from continued discussion, hopefully in a little better and less heated style :).

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-05

I think it's time to mention this: Hey Radomir, I appreciate your good hard work here! Thanks :)

-- ChristophSauer

Probably could use an image for the hypen, apply padding-left and background-image to get the same effect without having to resort to any extraneous markup.

-- JaredWilliams, 2007-02-25

Sure, you can even use the image in two ways: as the list-style-image or as background-image on the li box. I find the latter better, as you can then control vertical position of the image. But this image remains static when the font size of the page is changed.

Another possibility is to just pyt that hyphen in there in the html. This has its own downsides -- similar to inserting the quate characters in a <Q> tag.

Still, it's all in the area which Creole specification cannot touch.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-26

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