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I'm still a bit unsure where I should place Creole philosophically. I still like the criterion "should not stand out negatively in an email or be broken by email line-wrapping". On the other hand, markups that fully embrace this philosophy (such as Markdown) are unpleasantly heavyweight (especially when it comes to tables). Is there a discussion on this somewhere? It looks like a pro-multiline list entry argument. The other end of the spectrum would be "write-friendly syntax". For example: email-friendly blockquoting (where each line starts with '>') is much harder to type than Creole's write-friendly nowiki.
-- 2007-05-03 AxelRauschmayer

should not stand out negatively in an email or be broken by email line-wrapping" Could you give us a reference where you got that from? It would fit as an example for a requirement opposed on a markup language by HardLineBreakingEditors. Those editors are evil. They are incompatible with the wiki markups out there. Since creole tries to be a common wiki markup language, it has to behave like the others, so its not my personal oppinion that those editors are evil, it's wiki markup out there that makes them evil. Markdown is no WikiMarkup language (therefore). So to answer your question on philosophy: Creole is a wiki markup language (It's all about speed and ease of writing, with the side effect that hard line breaks inserted by software are evil), while markdown is, well, something else.

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-05-09

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