== Alinea? ==
//spir says:// \\
In many wiki languages, including creole, a newline works 
as above specified for all kinds of alineas except for regular 
text paragraphs. In that case, a single newline is ignored ; 
a logical newline is marked by a double newline ; a visual 
newline is set by a special break tag. 
I don't yet understand why this approach seems a significant issue for you. Would you mind giving an overview of its faults? Also, your definition of "alinea" -- which involves a "string" -- appears at odds with its standard definition as a //single character//... (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alinea).  
The pilcrow (ΒΆ; Unicode U+00B6, HTML entity ¶), also 
called the paragraph sign or the alinea ...

-- [[John McClure]]

Inline nowiki and monospace can be totally distinct in Creole (triple-braces for nowiki and double-sharps for monospace).

-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2008-Sep-16