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Clarification needed#

Statement it does not imply that the characters not to be used in Creole should not be used in Creole isn't very clear... I guess it should read it does not imply that the characters not in Creole should not be used in Creole.

Are parenthesis used in any current markup?

--YvesPiguet, 07-Feb-02

I suggest to just join both lists, keeping track of which characters are in Creole seems a little pointless. It seems it could be maybe potentially useful when looking for conflicts, but that's not true -- since most of Creole's markup is 2 or more characters anyways.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-02

That's fine by me, thanks.

--YvesPiguet, 2007-Feb-02

I think it's nice to keep the two lists separate, just as a quick reference sheet to see which characters are being used by Creole and which aren't.

--ChuckSmith, 2007-Feb-05

Until there is a consensus, I've moved parenthesis and colon to the list of characters not in Creole.

--YvesPiguet, 2007-Feb-05

In English square brackets have a legitimate and common use when abbreviating quotes. They are also used in diplomatic text which is the closest thing to wiki that ever existed prior to the 90s. Single square brackets must be left alone for these purposes, though double and triple of course do mean something.

It would be nice if the various types of brackets had a legitimate orthogonal rationale. For instance, square brackets could always be involved in linking, while curly braces could always be involved in deciding how text within them was to be displayed or interpreted, and parentheses could always call for processing or macros of some kind to be invoked. That would allow for useful extensions or combinations of conventions from various wikis. For instance, supporting the tikiwiki ((double parenthesis)) to specifically mean a user-specific or group-specific version of a page, since tikiwiki uses gACL access control and unlike most wikis there is usually quite a bit of information about the end user. Allowing the regular [[internal link]] notation to coexist as a generic, all-purpose, all-users-can-see this baseline version of the same thing.

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