I think you're misunderstanding something. Or if not, then I am. :) I don't think Creole needs to "address the use cases currently used wiki markup addresses". No, I think it can and should do less than that. We don't want to create one markup to find them, and in the darkness bind them. At least I'm limiting myself to helping people from other wikis contributing to wikis running Oddmuse. So I just need a small common subset that allows a rare visitor to do what needs to be done. No more. -- AlexSchroeder

MoinMoin Thomas, 
welcome and thanks for beeing here! No, creole is not made to take over the world or to replace any markup. Always think of it as an alternative for someone wandering around who has no time to learn your syntax, but still might want to contribute to a wiki community that uses your engine. Thats why it is called creole. It's not a standard. Your expert users will continue to use the native markup. I will continue to use JSPWiki markup because i like single braces for links and the reverse order of description first, url last.

Someone who speaks creole in your wiki engine is not a native speaker and thus does not everything as you would expect it, or what you would expect as the proper way - for example he might not understand the concept of emphasis [Talk.BoldAndItalics] in the same way. It's like leaving out "der die das" in German. Still we will perfectly understand a non native speaker without it and we should give him the opportunity to take part in our community as an equal member. We do not want in any way to criticise the native markup, as there is no point in criticising any language on earth. 

With Creole we don't want create the perfect language, arguing for month what is right and wrong. Let's get something done because people need it now, they need it for their everyday work. We never might agree on something perfect, but we can agree on something useful to the people, that on the other hand is not a pain for wiki developers to implement (see [Goals] 1 and 2).

Great to have you with us!

--[Christoph] 8-Sep-2006