Hello Yaroslav, welcome to WikiCreole wiki.
We have paused the development of the specs for now, to let developers
catch up and to test what we've got so far in a real world environment, but we still need the feedback and the ideas -- not to mention GoodPractices of designing human-friendly markup languages.

I wonder if your parser could be later plugged into JSPWiki to give this very wiki site real support for WikiCreole.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 15 Dec 2007

After a week's work I've written my WikiParser. It's meant to be integrated into something bigger, so JSPWiki could use it too. But it needs some testing to mature, I think.

Couldn't stayed strictly on spec though. I've deviated from it a little bit (see release notes). But if needed I can fix that too.

-- YaroslavStavnichiy, 2007-12-17

Some features you describe under "Deviations" are actually clarifications (mixed sublists), additions (underlined, monospace) or permitted variants (unstyled inline nowiki). I wouldn't object to their inclusion in Creole 1.0.1 since I've done the same :-)

-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-12-17