Please see: [[Change Linebreak Markup Proposal]]

Now that I really think about this issue and see how divided the community is, we need to reach a compromise.  The compromise would be that each individual wiki developer could choose which line break system to use.  Our goal is to make a common unified wiki syntax and not to try to reform all the wiki engines out there.  I think this is something we could all get behind.  Feel free to go ahead and "vote" below, so we can get a better feel of which direction our community is leaning.

-- [[Chuck Smith]], 2007-Jan-23

== Informal Poll ==

We have a very controversial decision to make, so if you would, please list your opinion below on how Creole should create line breaks, that is, the thing that turns into an HTML <br>

This is just an informal poll to see which direction our community is leaning.

=== Option A: Blog-like
(single line breaks are treated as line breaks, current [Creole 0.3])


* [[Chuck Smith]]
* [[Christoph Sauer]]
* AlexSchroeder
* EarleMartin 

=== Option B: Wiki-like
(single line breaks are ignored, special markup for linebreaks, proposal for [Creole 0.4])

* DanielMacKay - wiki 'pedia publisher
* [[Raph Levien]]
* [[SteffenSchramm]]
* [[Patrick Michaud]] - (by pure luck I managed to create a profile page on 20-Jan-2007, so feel free to discount my vote if appropriate)
* [EricChartre]