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William is the webmaster of a quite popular website. Obviously, he uses a good CMS software to organize the whole site, where he publishes articles of some sort of technical on-line magazine.

As he considers the articles valuable, he doesn't want them to be messed up with a lot of markup (he wants to separate content from presentation). He prefers the syntax to be simple as simple and standard as possible, to not be bound to a particular software. Moreover this way, he can publish them very quickly.

To further simplify the publishing process, he's also asking authors of the magazine (see Experienced copywriter) to provide their articles already in the right format.

At the same time he wants the markup to allow for some more complex task as inserting tables, graphics, references and footnotes when needed. These "advanced features" anyway don't cause the site to be messed up with inconsistent styles, as he focuses an editing documents, and he's not even able to easily manipulate their style page-by-page.

As the website grows in popularity, more and more pages and comments are edited by occasional visitors and regular users (see Forum user). William allows them to contribute to the website, but without altering its appearance, or breaking it altogether. The simple markup allows users to contribute very easily, often starting their discussion by linking to (or quoting part of) the new technical articles appearing in the magazine.

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