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"Wiki on a Stick" is a personal wiki that lives in one self-modifying XHTML file containing the software (javascript), the interface and the data. Very useful for mantaining notes and todo-lists.

Wiki on a Stick has most of its syntax common with the Creole specifications, while some parts remain custom like Email-style emphasis

Our position towards WikiCreole is the following:

  • we are discussing about modifying our syntax to be compliant to the latest Creole specification
  • we already share some syntax with the Creole specification
  • we are working to have the XHTML output suggested by Creole for our wiki syntax rendering

There are features which put Wiki on a Stick apart from other wiki rendering engines (it is a pure javascript rendering engine, for example), like our reserved namespaces features (which are really trasversal).

For the rest of the syntax (think about tables for example) a possible unification during the v1.x development cycle (by that time more Creole additions will be out) is wanted.

Our main interests to be endorsed and promoted inside the WikiCreole project are about simplicity and intuitivity; we plan to merge our syntax at some future point of the development timeline.

The current versions of WikiOnAStick (v0.9.x-v1.x) are mantained by DanieleC.

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