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Wikisym 2008 in Oporto, Portugal. We had an OpenSpace Session on Tuesday, 9. September 11.00. Subject "State of Wiki Creole".

It has been over a year now since the WikiCreole 1.0 Spec went final. What's the state of adoption?


Wiki Creole Adoption#

  • Ludovic Duborst - XWiki will support Creole 1.0 with release 1.7 of XWiki using WikiObject Model. doxia, http://www.wikimodel.org
  • Dirk Rhile - SAP Uses Wiki as OEM - SAP is pushing its suppliers to support creole. Tomorrow will have paper presentation in Wiki Technology Session...
  • Moodle -> switched from Erfurtwiki to own wiki development, -> Moodle 2.0 plans to support WikiCreole
  • MarkLaporte -> TikiWiki has it on its whish list, but don't want to touch the parser right now
  • Christoph Sauer -> Using Creole in all Wikis accross University (30+) for over a year now, no Problems with adoption.
  • Oddmuse – by default Oddmuse comes with very little markup: Paragraphs, bullet lists, and links. The installation instructions explicitly recommend installing Creole instead of any of the many other markup plugins. Oddmuse uses a mixed model, so it is possible to install both Usemod and Creole markup extensions.
  • ...
  • Please feel free to add your "story here" even if you didn't Attend (Idea of Partitioner Statements, Success Stories

Extention beyond Wikis: #

References of Ressources in Sourceforge?/GForge? Making use in Messaging to reference bug reports etc. Use in "JavaDoc" etc...

  • NME has been used since Oct 2007 in Sysquake for styled text and documentation.

Collaborations beyond Creole#

To developers: If you have a need for a new markup that you have already implemented, put it on WikiCreole Proposals. This way you share your Ideas with other developers and they might take up your markup as soon as they implement that feature as well (Report: Yes, we looked it first up in WikiCreole Website, if there was a markup for that features)

Question among developers: What other areas could we cooperate?

Compatibility Effort: Syntax, Plugins, Importing/Exporting XML Interchange Format Package File format Authentication System (Common Auth System)

    • Wordpress RSS Feed -> Importing

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