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Forgot to mention: irc://freenode.net/socialtext and irc://freenode.net/mediawiki present a not-atypical "collision". ({{{irc://freenode.net/socialtext and irc://freenode.net/mediawiki}}})
Re: slash precedence -- I've seen it since 1995 (when I got online) on the web, on usenet, on irc, and in personal communications. In plain text it reminds one of italics, and as those are commonly used for emphasis, it's appropriate syntactually. Semantically, it is also used for article titles and similar.
Though it breaks the doubled-operator convention, why not {{{*emphasis (aka italics)*}}} and {{{**strong emphasis (aka bold)**}}}?
Well, I've been online since 1985 and I've never seen it in use for the above. <shrug> But did you notice the use of {{{//}}} causes a collision //within// the Creole 1.0 specification for linking urls? http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/BoldAndItalicsReasoning states the double slash does not collide with any wiki, yet it collides with the use of free url links. In short, it collides with *every* wiki.
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