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All elements discussed for Creole. Discussions used vocabulary for characters defined in Terms. Terms also gives you an overview, which characters are already used in creole, and which are not.

Summary of All Markup#

Basic elements of Creole#

Creole Wiki discussion focused on developing a small set of elements rather than a comprehensive vocabulary.

Will Discuss for Creole Additions#

Onward Discussions#

Discussions that are related, but not part of common wiki markup today, or are not markup at all. Below is a list of things we don't know yet where to put it. Therefore this is the place where to put standardization elements, that might not be part of the current Goals, but might be useful in the future.

  • Hard space - = ;
  • HTML - How does creole overlay/replace/adapt HTML
  • Font - Font size and colour/color.
  • Anti Spam - Proposals for avoiding spam (Removeme? This has nothing todo with markup standardisation)
  • Stricter syntax - I would like to propose a tighter requirement on the syntac for inline formatting
  • Newline Space - Creolify list and table spec to remove ambiguity of unnecessary and ambiguous spaces.

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