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__Proposal rejected.__
The specification for italics as defined in Creole0.3 remains unchanged.
Page for archive purposes.
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Agreed, I took the liberty to put a comment box on the top of the page.
--MartijnVanDerKleijn, 2007-01-11 (many non techies are unfamiliar with ISO dates in my experience, but you're probably right)
<rant>I prefer ISO-modified like 2007-Jan-11 because we all speak English here and since I've lived in North America and Europe, I often get confused as to which number is the month and day. Actually, maybe that's a standard ISO format as well, I'm not sure. I would also venture to say that the vast majority of people understand the twelve English month abbreviations... probably more than those who would get confused by not knowing if a number is the month or day, even though technically it is unambiguous.</rant>
--[ChuckSmith], 2007-Jan-11
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