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Users will indent lists. I see that over and over again at wikis i run where non techies are involved. Since JSPWiki does not allow whitespaces i have to correct them over and over again. Same was reported by AlainDesilets. I did make extra notes on the help pages, but this had no effect. I think we sould never rely on indentation as a markup element. It is just not intuitive. Like it never was intuitive to start a comment in AS400/RPG programm on certain line. Not allowing whitespaces in the front of lists is a compromise to the rule of the least conflict, thats why I would not vote against it, so it can go into the 0.1. But i personally don't like it.
It's hard to count characters, it's even harder to count characters that are not there. I will vote against a scheme where indentation with white spaces matters.
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