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For Creole 0.4 I'd like to bring out the issue of spaces after the bullets. The current (0.3) draft and previous specs have this ugly special case:
About unordered lists and bold: a line starting with ** (including optional whitespace before and afterwards), immediately following an unordered list element a line above, will be treated as a nested unordered list element. Otherwise it will be treated as the beginning of bold text. Also note that bold and/or italics cannot span lines in a list.
I think it's ugly and complicates the parser needlessly. Also, many wikis already have very similar list markup, just without this special case -- making them accept both Creole and native markup at the same time would require some sort of a hack (I can't even imagine it curently).
One possible way of getting rid of that special case and still keeping list markup unambigous with bold markup is //requiring// a space after the bullet.
Now, this is a different case than with space //before// the bullet. There are wiki engines that don't allow space before the bullet, and those that require it -- making it optional is really the only way to make them agree.
On the other hand, no wiki engine I know prohibits the space after the bullet. Some require it.
Moreover, putting a space after most punctuation characters is a tradition, and for many people -- a reflex. I can see nothing unnatural in requiring it -- and it simplifies the parsers and the specs -- making Creole both easier to implement and to teach.
By the way, there is a (pretty ugly) hack to get a bold line even if the above special case is removed (remove the single space):
{{{}} }**bold line**
-- [[RadomirDopieralski]], 2006-12-14
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