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Yes, the problem is rather with these examples:
They could be parsed as:
** foo__bar__baz
** one__two__
** foo__bar__baz
You can't really decide without infinite (unbound) lookahead -- and that's a great problem if you need to use a ready parsing algorithm or parser framework -- this rules out most of the extensible, plugin-based wiki engines.
You can't just make list or bold the default here -- because there are popular use cases for both:
__Paragraph titles__ are often integrated in the paragraph, like in this example. They are tradidtionally distinguished by making them bold. Italics won't do.
* multilevel lists
** can contain __bold__ fragments
Really, I think that requiring a space after the list bullets is a simple and effective solution. And it also removes the conflict with {{{#pragma}}} and {{{# numbered list}}} for many wiki engines.
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2006-12-30
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