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Here is another problem, maybe someone can give some advice. My parser coudn't handle the "smart" resolving of ambiguity between bold and second-level lists, because of its construction:
It parses the text in two passes, using two regular expressions. The first regular expression divides the text into block-level elements, deciding also of the block type. The decission is final and cannot be changed later. The second pass is performed for some blocks only and it handles the character-level markup like bold and italics and links.
Up until now every list item was considered a separate block-level element. Since the division was made using a single regular expression, and the lookbehind patterns are required to have fixed length, I couldn't find a way to implement the context-depended special case (where {{{**}}} at the beginning of the line is a list only, if there is a {{{*}}} at the beginning of the previous line).
No I'm trying a different approach: treat the whole list as a block element, and divide it into list items in an additional, intemediate pass. I thought that I can just require the list block to start with a single asterisk or hash, and treat everything else as normal paragraph -- then the bold would be properly handled in the second pass. But I was too optimistic. This is a properl list (according to the current Creole spec) even when it starts with multiple asterisks:
***first list item bold**
* second list item
** sublist
Now I'm buffled. How to recognize that a block of text is a list without parsing all the character-level markup inside it first?
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-05
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