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There is a somewhat weird behavior of some web browsers (so far tested it only on the Gecko-based ones) that convert first-level bullets to some characters when copied as text. So far I've seen '*' and '#' used, and I'm not sure what it depends on. I know it might not be very important.
As for conflicts with bold and hr, I think the hr conflict can be resolved easier:
** is this text bold
** or are these just two second-level list items
---- This is a fourth-level list item
This is a horizontal rule. It must be alone on a line.
Also note that 4th-level list items are going to be rather rare...
One problem with dashes for bullets is for lists of numbers:
- 10
- 15
- -32
Are those number positive or negative? This can be confusing.
I know that [http://www.yaml.org/ YAML] also uses dashes for lists, maybe we could learn from their experiences?
-- RadomirDopieralski 2006-08-30
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