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Creole certainly does have an obligation to reserve characters and respect some patterns of use, like use of colons and slashes, already established by W3 and so on.
Reserving combinations of the two list characters for extensions of this kind is not the same as "requiring" any such thing to be supported. Interpreting these extensions as ordinary ordered lists is perfectly valid default behaviour and it makes it very easy also to manually track the votes that are going on everywhere. So there's utility to reserving these character combinations for this even without a plugin, and the default behaviour when there is no plugin at all present, is graceful enough: it simply defaults to the way this is done now.
Plugin creators will flock in to do a better job if they see a lot of demand, and lists presented specifically as votes/ranks/polls/surveys will attract them to do a good job supporting the real need.
-- Anonymous, 2007-02-05
{on encouraging writing plugins}
It certainly is the role of Creole to allow for further extension and guide it by encouraging expression of specific markup problems in well standardized ways.
You cannot be seriously saying you have never seen a wiki page used to run a vote? How about "articles for deletion", objections to promotion to sysop status, etc.? Wikipedia is full of such pages. And wikis aren't being used for a lot of things right now, though they should be, because they lack the rank, vote, and survey / polling features that other social software tends to have.
-- Anonymous, 2007-02-05
{on the conflict with current Creole list markup}
Easy enough to reconcile by adding some other character:
* first level bullet list
*# second level numbered list
*#p user ranked preference ballot ordering this second level numbered list
and if you don't like the "r" (it would only be valid to do this if spaces were required after the list mark) replace it with whatever character you want, say, a [[slash]], which already specifies a hierarchy according to W3, i.e. used in URLs.
-- Anonymous, 2007-02-05
Please don't hash my replies into meaningless pieces, remove parts of it and move them around. It's extremely easy to distort the meaning of the text this way. Please don't link every word in your text. Please read the [[Home]] and [[Goals]] pages before you assume what is in the scope of Creole.
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-05
# [[Lists Reasoning]] itself needs updating for Creole 0.6, currently prefers bullets.
# I would like to see a good reasoning argument why Creole does not require a blank after the bullet-hyphen ("bullet-hyphen" sounds funny...). I find this not logical and believe a blank after - or # would greatly increase readability of wiki-text in a raw-markup editor.
-- [[Gregor Hagedorn]], 2007-03-24
# Shouldn't we finish the discussion on [[Talk.HyphenListMarkupProposal]] first?
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-03-24
It turns out that I use bold words at the beginning of paragraphs quite a lot. This conflicts with the unordered list markup. It aggravates me every single time.
-- [[AlexSchroeder]], 2008-05-24
You mean at the beginning of a point (that forms a single paragraph) like this ?
* **definition1** - explanation
* **definition2** - explanation
Yes, this combination was never an [[EdgeCase]] (form my an your feeling, not really scientific proof, but anyway). The only thing we had as an alternative was the [[Hyphen List Markup Proposal]], I spent so much time on this, I don't want to touch this again. I got used to this [[Ambiguities|ambiguity]].
**Beginning of a paragraph** or did you mean this (which is however no problem)?
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2008-Mai-24 10:33 (CEST)
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